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Isotonix Essentials KitIsotonix® Daily Essentials Kit

  Isotonix® OPC-3®

  Isotonix® Multivitamin

Isotonix Activated B-Complex  Isotonix® Activated B-Complex

  Isotonix® Calcium Plus

  Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2

Isotonix® OPC-3® Beauty Blend

Isotonix® Prime Joint Support Formula

Isotonix® Resveratrol

  Heart Health™ Omega III Fish Oil
  with Vitamin E

  Nutriclean® Probiotics

  Prime™ Astaxanthin

  Ultimate Aloe® Juice

Complete Detoxification Kit

Health is not just the absence of illness.  Feeling fine is OK but feeling fantastic is what we each deserve!  Our health is the most valuable asset we possess, so we need to be proactive about getting Optimal Health and maintaining it.   There are three basic principals to be followed:

Feeding & Nourishing the Body's Systems
My regimen includes a daily suite of Isotonix® products, Omega IIIs and Prime® Astaxanthin

Repairing & Cleansing the Digestive Track
My regimen includes periodic detoxification via the Nutriclean® 7 Day Cleansing System, daily liver and digestion support via Curcumin Extreme™ and Nutriclean® Probiotics respectively plus regular consumption of Ultimate Aloe® Juice

Balancing pH
My regimen includes Complete Greens daily

There are a number of basic products we should all be taking but the best way to be sure what is right for you is to talk to a professional Neutraceutical Consultant.  I had DNA tests performed that showed I needed to add a second anti-oxidant and additional liver detoxification support to my daily regimen.

Nutritional Supplements are not created equal - if you don't believe me click HERE or on this X-RAY to see 3 days of pills stuck in the body. 

Isotonic delivery (the right amount of powder and water mixed together) guarantees bioavailability of the product providing ~90% absorption.  I would rather drink a morning "cocktail" than have an IV stuck in my arm to get comparable results!


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